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With a combined experience of over 76 years in criminal defense, Andrian & Gallenson is one of Sonoma County’s top law firms. We apply our knowledge of both the law and our criminal justice system to create the best possible outcomes for our clients.

But experience and knowledge are only part of why you want Andrian & Gallenson on your side. We go farther and work harder to serve our clients needs at an incredibly stressful time and provide justice when the system is not working as it should. This kind of commitment requires a confidence that only comes from being one of the most recognized and sought after criminal defense attorney firms in Sonoma County. We have been recognized by numerous organizations within our profession as one of the region’s best firms, including Chris Andrian being named as Super Lawyers only honored Criminal Defense lawyer in Sonoma County from 2006 to 2014.

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Our Philosophy

All of the attorneys at Andrian & Gallenson — Chris Andrian, Stephen Gallenson and Jane Gaskell — share a fundamental belief that they will do whatever it takes to represent their clients fully and completely in the justice system. We fight for our client’s rights, in the care and thoroughness in which we research and build their cases, from beginning to end. Our firm has more experience in criminal defense law in the courtroom than any other firm in Sonoma County.

Andrian & Gallenson knows the ins and outs, the judges, the prosecutors and the legal system both here and in federal court so that you will be represented by experienced, smart and tenacious litigators who are willing to go the extra mile to obtain a just result. With well over 200 jury trials in our history, Andrian & Gallenson knows how to keep you from going to trial and how to win if you need to be be represented there.

A good criminal defense attorney can’t be a sprinter, he or she has to be a long distance runner to be able to best serve the needs of the client.


  • You have changed the course of my family's lives, and saved us from the unimaginable. We will all be truly eternally grateful. In the most trying and devastating of ‎circumstances, there is absolutely no better a place to be. Your most astounding quality was the level of genuine care, warmth and emotional support during this time.

    S. H. and Family

  • My wife and I want to thank you for seeing our daughter.  Your visit boosted her morale.  It was very kind for you to do that and it means so much to us.  You have provided great counsel to our daughter and we are glad we chose you and your firm.

    M. H.

  • My family and I sincerely thank you for all the time you invested in our case.  You offered wonderful advice and you were there when we needed you.  But most of all, you gave us peace of mind.  Should we ever need your help in the future, we know where to go.  You are FANTASTIC!!!!

    R. P.

  • Words cannot express my gratitude!! Your kindness toward my husband is also very appreciated. Thank you for everything.

    K. B.

About Us

  • Portrait of Chris Andrian

    Chris Andrian

    For almost 40 years, Chris Andrian has been one of Sonoma County’s pre-eminent trial lawyers. Chris has become widely recognized as one of Northern California’s top criminal defense attorneys, having tried in excess of 150 jury trials in State and Federal Courts. Chris has handled every type of case, from a dog-off-a-leash, to capital murder.

    More about Chris Andrian

  • Portrait of Stephen Gallenson

    Stephen Gallenson

    Stephen Gallenson has been a trial lawyer in Sonoma County for more than thirty years. He has practiced in a variety of areas including criminal defense, personal injury, civil defense, and administrative law. More recently, Stephen has focused most of his attention in the area of criminal defense.

    More about Stephen Gallenson

  • Portrait of Jane Gaskell

    Jane Gaskell

    Jane Gaskell is a tenacious litigator who works tirelessly to produce the best result possible for her clients. While attending law school here in California, she was fortunate to work as a law clerk at the Sonoma County Office of the Public Defender.

    More about Jane Gaskell

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