• Criminal Defense Attorney

    Andrian & Gallenson is one of most experienced criminal defense firms in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County with over 76 years of combined experience.

  • Trial Attorney

    We go farther and work harder to serve your needs at what is an incredibly stressful time in your life. This kind of commitment requires a confidence that only comes from being one of the most recognized and referred criminal defense attorney firms in Sonoma County.

  • Marijuana Lawyer

    If you have legal problems with any state, county or federal cannabis law regulation or statute; our experienced team can assist you in navigating through the existing regulations and help you resolve the issues in your favor.

  • Domestic Violence Attorney

    Because the laws regarding domestic violence are very complex, you will need a law firm with extensive experience to help you when you are facing charges.

  • DUI Lawyer

    Andrian & Gallenson can help with the resolution of a DUI on your driving record. We will also work with the DMV on your behalf and handle all of the reporting, licensing and any other professional issues that may arise from the DUI.

  • Environmental Lawyer

    Due to the broad scope of environmental laws, a thorough understanding of local agencies that oversee these regulations and statutes is required. We have extensive knowledge of both state and federal environmental laws.

  • Sexual Assault Attorney

    A felony conviction for a sex crime can make it exceptionally difficult if not impossible to find a job or a home. Andrian & Gallenson is one of Sonoma County’s top law firms and our commitment is to help you resolve your sex crime charges.

  • Drug Crimes Attorney

    If you or a family member has been charged with the possession and/or sale of drugs, you will need a strong criminal defense team beside you as your life could be forever changed.

  • Computer Crimes Attorney

    If you have been charged with a computer related crime such as hacking, internet fraud, identity theft, child pornography, credit card fraud, internet gambling, or the theft of personal information, you will want one of Santa Rosa’s top legal defense firms on your side.