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Internet crime has been in the news recently and has caught the attention of the judicial system and law enforcement officials. Many times the federal authorities become involved because a suspected crime involves individuals or businesses in different geographic locations. Federal laws and their accompanying punishment can be extremely harsh. As such, you will need the representation of one of the most experienced legal defense teams on your side.If you have been charged with a computer related crime such as hacking, internet fraud, identity theft, child pornography, credit card fraud, internet gambling, or the theft of personal information, you could be facing serious penalties, including prison.Law enforcement investigations relating to computer crimes are often superficial and ripe for attack. By working closely with computer forensic experts and private investigators, our attorneys will develop avenues of defense, such as revealing the presence of viruses and explaining the dangers of peer-to-peer networks.Andrian & Gallenson is one of Santa Rosa’s top legal defense firms and our commitment is to help you resolve your computer/cyber crime charges. We have over 76 years of combined legal experience and have one of the best criminal defense teams in Sonoma County. Our extensive resources and experience can provide you with the best defense representation for computer or cyber cases in federal or state courts.

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