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Marijuana law also known as cannabis law is an ever-changing field of law that can be confusing. These laws can conflict with each other on the city, county, state and federal levels. New case law changes the landscape as to what is permitted and what is not on a regular basis. An experienced legal firm is essential to help you wade through all of the possible conflicts.Andrian & Gallenson have been representing marijuana growers and users for more than 30 years. We are one of most experienced criminal defense firms in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County with over 76 years of combined experience. We have represented numerous individuals and businesses involved in the cultivation and/or sales of medical marijuana.Since the passage of laws allowing for medical marijuana in California, both our partners have become experts in this area and have successfully resolved, or caused the dismissal of, numerous cases involving cultivation, transportation, and the operation of collectives and dispensaries.If you run afoul of any state, county or federal cannabis law, regulation, or statute, our experienced team can assist you in navigating through the existing regulations and help you favorably resolve the issues.

When dealing with cannabis related laws, make sure you choose the law firm that has the most experienced attorneys in this field.

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