Criminal Defense Lawyer Client Testimonials

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Thank you for all you have given of your time, your energy and yourself.Blessings,

Thank you for seeing us. This is long overdue—but I am grateful….hopefully we never need you, but do appreciate your excellent advice and direction….Sincerely,

I wanted to thank you for all you did for me. You will never know how much I appreciated you and the dignity and compassion you showed me.Big Hugs

Thank you very much for guiding R— through the maze of pot laws. You’re one of the great ones!

Dear Chris, I can’t thank you enough for the time and energy you spent guiding our family through the scary process of finding representation for my nephew. Your kindness, perspective and experience did so much to comfort everyone during a terribly stressful time.

Dear Chris, Words can hardly express how grateful I am for your help these past few months and last several years. To know that you understand my passion and have fought for me when I could not is seared in my heart. You are like a father to me, guiding me, protecting me, and giving me wings to fly when I need them. Plain and simple, you are a God Send, a God – Father if you will.

Chris and Jane, I cannot thank you both enough.  You have been in my corner for every step of the way.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  My graduating college is, in part, due to your aid.  I’ll be seeing you both soon enough to begin my expungement!  Woo!  Thank you, with love.

Chris, thank you for everything you have done for my son. I have extremely high praise for every call, appearance, kind words and your many hours on his case. Thank you and have a peaceful holiday.

Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. You all have allowed me to maintain hope in a dark place!

Angel, Steve and Chris, You have changed the course of my family’s lives, and saved us from the unimaginable. We will all be truly eternally grateful. In the most trying and devastating of ‎circumstances, there is absolutely no better a place to be. Your most astounding quality was the level of genuine care, warmth and emotional support during this time.Truly the absolute best, the ONLY representation to consider. Your experience and knowledge is without comparison, and your standing in the legal community is priceless.

You have been the brightest of lights in what were the darkest of circumstances, and have triumphed with highest ‎accolades imaginable.

I wanted to thank you for all your help this past year.  I am especially grateful to have my computers back. The pictures and other data on there are invaluable and irreplaceable.  Thank you for enabling me to get my life back.

A parent’s worst nightmare…Finding an  attorney to represent your 12 year old child in a Criminal case. Steve Gallenson was referred to me by a good friend who is a liability attorney.  He said Steve was the best…that turned out to be so true. Steve met with us, took time to explain how things should play out.  He made us feel comfortable in what to expect in this turbulent time.  He was quick to return a call and make himself available personally.
We had the benefit of Steve’s knowledge and relationships where he was able to call Private investigators, and do in depth research to prove my child innocent.

He knew the judges, and let us know their compassions and how they might rule. We had a 4 month intense relationship with Steve during this process and always felt he was there for us with reassuring words and knowledge.

I highly recommend Steve Gallenson.  He exuded confidence and is held in high regard among  his peers.  We noticed this while waiting outside the courtrooms, that DA’s, judges, and personnel would go out of their way to come up and chat with Steve.

Facing the possibility of a DUI conviction in my future, I retained Steve Gallenson, as counsel, after spending the night in jail.  Finding myself in an unfamiliar and stressful place I had never been before, I relied on his easy-going persona, kindness and ultimate support in reassuring me that the journey would be worth the outcome.  During the whole time, he listened to my concerns, imparted his wisdom of the process and gave me solace.  I knew I was in good hands.  I never felt disconnected or in any way unsure of the next step as he made the most difficult moments seemingly resolve themselves. He is the most proactive attorney I have ever known. With a most courteous and upbeat office staff and most friendly and helpful assistant, that could not have been more professional and knowledgeable of what was going to transpire next, I never felt apprehensive in making decisions to moving ahead.I am extremely happy with the outcome and would recommend Steve, and will, to anyone in need of his services.  Steve displayed integrity, honesty and competence beyond my wildest imagination.  At every juncture, along the way, he seemed to always be in charge of the situation that made me feel a resolve was always imminent.  When needed, he was tenacious in presenting the facts and relied heavily on his knowledge of the law to be one step ahead, making the outcome measureable.
He WON the case!  Hands down – the best!

Steve, My wife and I want to thank you for seeing our daughter.  Your visit boosted her morale.  It was very kind for you to do that and it means so much to us.  You have provided great counsel to our daughter and we are glad we chose you and your firm.

It is hard seeing her go through this and we just hope this process does not break her.  She is an exceptional person who made a stupid mistake.  We are doing all we can do to support her.


My family and I sincerely thank you for all the time you invested in our case.  You offered wonderful advice and you were there when we needed you.  But most of all, you gave us peace of mind.  Should we ever need your help in the future, we know where to go.  You are FANTASTIC!!!!Very Appreciatively,

Dear Jane, Thank you so much for your time.  Words cannot express my gratitude!! Your kindness toward my husband is also very appreciated. Thank you for everything.