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Environmental complaints can be filed against an individual in either criminal or civil court. Many statutes, regulations and extensive case law govern this area of law. Therefore it can be particularly difficult to understand. Oftentimes, it is left to the discretion of the District Attorney to decide whether it will seek criminal or civil penalties.Due to the broad scope of environmental laws, a thorough understanding of local agencies that oversee these regulations and statutes is required. Additionally, extensive research of both state and federal environmental laws and statutes is essential. Environmental law can be very controversial, as some feel that many of the regulations may be either too strict or even unnecessary. A strong understanding of local, state and federal environmental law is required in order to achieve the best possible result.Sometimes you are faced with excessive charges and potential fines. A lawsuit may even be unwarranted. Our goal is to work with the regulators, obtaining dismissals where possible, minimizing fines and fees, and to help you avoid similar problems in the future.

Andrian & Gallenson’s job is to avoid environmental lawsuits by providing you with over 76 years of experience from the best criminal defense team in Sonoma County. We will actively and aggressively work on your behalf to have any environmental charges brought against you or your business satisfactorily resolved.

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