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Driving under the influence is a serious criminal charge that could involve a suspended license, large fines, years of probation, a criminal record and possibly jail time. Each year hundreds of thousands of drivers in California are arrested and accused of being under the influence.In most cases, one has to manage the consequences both in criminal court and with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The laws are not necessarily consistent. Hence this particular area of the law is especially entangles and requires expertise to navigate.We will also help with the resolution of the DUI on your driving record. We will deal with the DMV on your behalf and handle all of the reporting, licensing and any other professional issues that may arise.Andrian & Gallenson’s is one of Sonoma County’s top law firms and our job
is to help you resolve your DUI issues by providing you with over 76 years of legal experience from the best criminal defense team in Sonoma County,You need to have the extensive experience of a law firm like Andrian & Gallenson on your side with a charge as significant as a DUI. We have more experience in criminal defense law in the courtroom than any other firm in Sonoma County.

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