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If you have been arrested for a sexual assault crime such as rape, statutory rape, date rape, spousal rape, child molestation, assault, harassment or sexual battery, your freedom as well as your personal and business reputation could be at risk.A felony conviction for a sex crime can make it exceptionally difficult if not impossible to find a job or a home. There are many consequences to having to register as a sex offender, including but not limited to: mandatory registration with law enforcement; having to notify authorities about your whereabouts; and not being allowed to live within 2,000 feet of a school or park.Sex crimes are aggressively pursued by law enforcement. You will need a law firm with an extensive criminal defense history working for you. In many cases the sexual contact occurs in an environment involving alcohol or drugs, which means a detailed and thoughtful analysis of the particular circumstances and perceptions of everyone involved is required in every case.We understand that there are many cases where an accuser files a false allegation of sexual assault. When this happens, you will need the help of the best criminal defense legal team in Sonoma County.

Andrian & Gallenson is one of Sonoma County’s top law firms and our commitment is to help you resolve your sex crime charges. We have over 76 years of combined legal experience and have one of the best criminal defense teams in Sonoma County. Our extensive resources and experience can provide you with the best defense representation.

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